In this universe of unimaginable forms of life, during this era of Cold-Work, we'd like to suggest some "beautifying Time" tips related to Nando and some inspirations we had as background while creating his world.

The broom of the system (1987 AC)

novel by David Foster Wallace

In this gorgeous debut work, the story is set in Cleveland and the town is adjacent to an artificial desert: the Great Ohio Desert, an area filled with black sand and usually called G.O.D.. Raymind Zusats, Ohio governor, was worried because in Cleveland everything was going too much well: low unemployment & inflation, high industrial investment. In his view, this wealth was transforming the state in an immense commercial center. Brilliantly, he has this great idea to build a desert, something primordial to be loved and feared, and able to remind people that their country originates from fight of man against nature.

Epic of Gilgamesh (around 18th century BC)

one of the earliest surviving works of literature

A poem about friendship, travel and the Netherworld. It tells the story of Gilgamesh who, after the death of his friend Enkidu, begins a journey looking for immortality. During this journey, he learns that he can not become immortal, but he can find a plant that will make him young again. The epic contains narrative elements similar to the Genesis, such as the great flood which, according to some researchers, comes from memories of a natural event.

A day in the Afterlife (1994 AC)

BBC documentary about Philp K. Dick

PKD: the imaginary worlds of his stories and the strange dynamics of his life. The double, triple and multiple realities of his books, and his deep relationship with his twin sister - his parallel lost soul.

Enjoy :-)

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