"Here there is Art!"

"Either you try!", my alter ego of the last show would say that.

I represent the fictitious stories that take form in this forgotten town, in the desert, in the Nonexistent.

Please, Take a ringside seat and pay close attention! Do not chat! I could stop playing at the slightest hint of disturbance. My dear I've often done that. I was hated for that. I’ve stopped entire shows and received loud boos from stupid beings! Riffraff!

Under no circumstances I never retraced my steps. I stayed in the dressing room, drinking post-natural hot chocolate and reading an useless fashion magazine - or reading that newspaper on the latest electronic animals.

Of course, the isolation of this city does not help me at all. By now I love to perform in front of the mirror even more than in front of an audience. It didn’t happened until the first adolescent crisis!

This City of the Elderly acts silently 'on everyone ... "


  1. Eleonora (Author)

    “Monologue at the mirror in the empty theatre”…a little bit imaged, bit played and bit watched as a spectator! He was very honored by your question, sir!

  2. Daniel

    Very interesting character – but what does he play?. I was always drawn towards eccentric people, being one myself.

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