We are aware of the potential information and communication technologies have to transform both the private and public sector. Digital technology is at present a non-detachable component of daily communication practices and we aim to make the processes characterising it, as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and/or your business.

We can give you advice on the steps to follow and propose our answers to your questions.

NHIM can provide a broad IT service to businesses of different sizes. Our expertise can deal with software and associated products taking care selectively or comprehensively of the design, programming, maintenance and management process, shaping solutions in response to specific needs, deadlines and budgets. At NHIM we can integrate educational and information technologies in order to make them exploitable for and compatible with a broad range of diverse working, business and educational environments.

We can implement learning technologies joining on-line and off-line based tools with digital technologies, along with our innovative ideas and our solution-driven attitude Following a user-centred design, we tailor our learning products according to specific necessities and contexts.

We can get you straight to the point and provide you with the skills and knowledge you require, customising learning routes and designing learning tools effective for your specific needs.

We support an idea of learning that involves and deploys digital literacy and e-learning environments to promote knowledge, education, training and vocational advancement, adapting and incorporating learning strategies with new digital and Internet based technologies NHIM can design TEL approaches that can revolutionise your life, improve efficiency and transform the way you work.