And now it's commercial time by YOur Christmas ServiceS about the ways to spend your Christmasss!

In the ChristmasKitchen of Santa Claus's loft:

Speaking Cactus: Let's come and celebrate that day at the oasis of Chervotterdam! A winged-sommelier-dog will fill your glasses full of Champagne, while sweets and gifts will reach you along the deserted streets, singing and dancing at the sound of wind!

Shiny fir tree: If you want to spend your Christmas with some shiny, colored, special tree - they're trees with a soul, men! Come to Rende-vous historique, here there are elegant electronic fir trees that have grafted memories of natural trees. They will reveal you how things went at Waterloo, or if your uncle was (or not) an hard guy.

Doctor Crumble: Do you soffer of santaclaustrophobia? Let's spend Christmas with us, we will help you to get over your fear of staying in a closed place at the presence of a guy dressed up as Santa Claus – you know he is not the real Santa Claus at all...

Santa Claus: He's not me, I'm here! I have to train this nice riffraff! Choose which Christmas better dress your spirit, let one of our experienced operator to consel you about the better way to pass this day!

Best Wishes from YOur Christmas ServiceS – a YoYoFe brand

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