I still have, kept in my lockers, drawings of almost 18 years ago.

Some sheets has become yellow, in others the low-quality ink is evaporated and in others some tiny animal made is den.

Time put to test this thin sheets of paper, I remember many ways to avoid this problems existed… protective sprays, glass frames, oiled-base varnish, plasticization, and the unfailing “mom’s hair lacquer” for fixing pencils and charcoals.

Today physical materials are more and more used in the first phases of creation of an illustration, and usually the colouring is entirely digitally made.

This have brought two great advantages: first, the work won’t “get old” with time and his looking in 1000 years will be the same of the day it has been created (some restorer will already have lifted up his eyebrow).

The other one is moms won’t live anymore in terror of have their hair-set compromised by a suddenly empty bottle of hair lacquer when an important event is near.

So, confirming is binary nature, a digital file exists (1) or not (0).

What you’re going to see after these few lines it’s a slideshow of progressive savings made during the work on the 2 illustrations of our main character, Nando, and the most bearded of his companions, Nelson.

Original Character design and linearts by the never-enough praised Deon de Lange.

Enjoy them, and see you soon to show you something with an extra dimension.

Click to see!
Click to see!

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