We just inserted Nando in the IndieGoGo indipendent community!

In this community indipendent artist presents projects and ask for funds. All site visitors can easily finance and help a project with a donation of any amount of money if they find it interesting. Also, there are "VIP offers" for any project, to which are associated incentives an artist/developer is disposed to give.

In Nando's project there are three forms of VIP offers:

  1. NW Supporter - for the affectionated sum of 10$ you'll become game supporter and your name and reference link will be inserted in the game credits.
  2. NW Tester - for the devoted sum of 20$ you'll become game tester of first episode of Nando's World and NW supporter.
  3. NW in-game Character - for the patronage sum of 1000$ you can become one of our character, perfectly included in the game's plot! We'll just need a pic and a short and playful biography of yours.

You could see the project presentation and it's welcomed promotion here: http://www.indiegogo.com/nandosworld


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