In an autumn evening of an half week, Eleonora and I were eating in a restaurant which we call with affection “the old fish”, we were thinking about a main character, a generic one… for a game or a musical or for a Ionesco-style Opera.

Usually we wander with weird stories which stops only while eating the seafood-salad … always in the “old fish” eh! Well, Eleonora creates stories anyway anytime … me just in the mealtime, with her!


“Nando! Well! He should call so…in honor of your grandpa…”

"Yep, Yep! Nando, 81 years old, he worked as a seaman in a trawler, taxi driver, employed for a violin-maker and finally ended his carrer working as a cook in a big restaurant. And then... other things"

Outlined the character in the following days we had the good fortune to meet Deon de Lange, a very creative and intuitive South African artist which has transformed our mental images and sketches of words in our protagonist's official concept, which we present here for the first time!

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