He got from the sea "the necessary solitude to live among men without troubles"

Nelson - Drawn by Deon de Lange, Coloured by Vincenzo d'Elia
Nelson - Drawn by Deon de Lange, Coloured by Vincenzo D'Elia

He repeats this phrase every time he's too much generous, but after noticed he did a false step, changes and wears a sullen behaviour.

He likes to drink, but this activity doesn't exasperate his behaviour. "Drink is like divine grace", so it must be preserved from toughtless actions and slanders of backbiters - you just cant' convince them they're right!

And he, above all, when he was just thirty-two, rescued a ship with 384 people on board. He hadnt' drunk -he never drinks on duty- but he stood vigilant like an emperor waiting for the start of a rebellion.

None noticed he rescued the ship; everybody was sleeping. The ones charged to stay awake had drunk too much; the evening before there was a great party for Captain Dandi Bowl's fiftieth birthday. Yes, the Legendary Captain Dandi Bowl himself; famous for directing distinguished and voloptous ships along exotic and hardly understandable places, he has been hailed for his entire life for have rescued seven cruise ships in deceivous stretches of dangerous waters. But that night, well...even the Legendary Captain Bowl was sleeping.

And him, just him, our life simple sailor, rescued the ship. None noticed it, and he never mentioned.

Indeed he's true hero, but he's also the only one who knows it. We cannot know when he decided to become a misanthrope, but if you chat with him for a while, you'll soon discover he just plays the role of a solitary, nocturnal hero, far from the footlights.

Well yes, now you know how he's. Nelson, hero for a night, forty years ago, it's the sleepy, investigative, alcoholic barman of City for Eleders. When the see is calm but you never know, you could bet he'll do for you the best drink, nutrient and vitaminic; then you'll land on the best bar rapture, thanks to his silent sail to memories of seas ploughed in a time nobody remembers. In the meanwhile, somehow, without even noticing it, surely hewill get you out of troubles.


  1. dan

    Adoro quel Nelson.
    E la sua vita, per come afferra il boccale: misantropo ed eroe.
    E sapere che mentre te ne stai lì in estasi da bar lui t’ha tolto via dal pericolo…
    Ripeto: adoro quel Nelson!

    • Alberto

      Dan, caro Dan, le tue parole che afferrano l’animo di Nelson sono parte di una perfetta estasi da bar, tra luci soffuse, fumo leggiadro, e noccioline sul bancone. Grazie Dan!

  2. Ammazza che bello! Anche senza colori rende benissimo, colorato da Dio! :D

    • Vincenzo

      Grazie Federico!
      Sono il colorista digitale e il 3d artist di Nando’s World (oltre ad essere un tuo fan).
      Quello che vedi è lo studio preliminare delle luci che ho fatto prima di iniziare a dipingere.
      A breve potrai vedere sul blog il risultato finale.

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