Hi to all blog readers!

I’m Vincenzo D’Elia and I work in 3D realisation of scenes and characters of Nando’s World.

Adventure games has been important in my personal and professional life, in order as player and 3D Artist.

In past I already had the luck to work to other games of this kind realizing two adventures for a famous amusement park in the northern part of Italy and the following of an adventure made in Italy which have a funny, tiny spectacled investigator as main character (let’s see who guess what games I’m talking about).

When in April 2010 Alberto told me for the first time about the game he was going to realize, I immediately get caught by the settings and characters he had created with the help of Eleonora and Deon.

In the videogame industry of today a character like Nando surely is a brave choice.

I know for certain that only hearing his age, many publishers and marketing director would lift more than an eyebrow.

Sure, Nando isnt’ the stereotype of the greater part of videogames of today. In his hands he doesn’t’ hold a sword to fight for his realm but a cane to fight gravity. On his head there isnt’ an helm to avoid enemies’ hits, but an hat to avoid to get cold. His bravery isnt’ visible from scars on his face, but in his choice to do what he did and to do what he’s going to do in future.

However, if it’s true that characters resembles their creator, Nando’s courage reflects Alberto’s one in producing this game.

My task will be to support the vision of his makers turning their ideas in pixels and poligons, trying to show to you the practic-creative process which is hidden behind the graphic development of an adventure game.

So continue to follow this blog because, wheter you are player or developer, we’ll always try to got a surprise for you.


  1. I’d say it’s definitely a brave and a welcomed choice. I am so tired of the stereotypic muscle-hero types and the fact that 90% of the games today still rely on some variation of violence, be it a medieval or a modern setting.

    Surely there must be other ideas for a game? While technology has gone far beyond the days when I played a lot (80’s and 90’s), the ideas seem to have gone nowhere.

    In fact, with all the shooting and blowing up things, games with original ideas seem very rare. I really miss the likes of Grim Fandango or even Day of the Tentacle.

  2. Certo che vi seguiremo!

    L’occhialuto sopra citato è Tony Tough, ma è sempre Spider-man a salvare la situazione.

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