• The Game

    The Story takes place in a world where nature has been completely reconstructed by mankind, the last non-cybernetic animals are confined in zoo-museums, forests of electronic trees replace the natural ones, merging with the endless gray areas of the country, and once populated cities are now ghost towns.


    Even old age has been easily forgotten: in fact only few people decided not to use the Rejuvenating Medicine Yo-Yo-Fe - Young Young Forever. These strange, independent men and women live in controlled small towns, placed between the desert and the Electronic Forest no.1, called Cities of the Elderly.


    The adventure starts in one of these cities. It could seem a dormant place, where nothing happens, but it will be the beginning of a bizarre and challenging journey. Nando will start a journey that will bring him through unknown environments, with their strange communities, and he will meet eccentric characters and their imaginary worlds!

  • Credits
    Design and Direction: Alberto Venditti & Eleonora Bottini

    Screenplay: Eleonora Bottini

    Concept Art: Deon de Lange, Marco Carloni & Guido Santi

    Background Art: Marco Carloni, Guido Santi & Vincenzo D'Elia

    3d Characters Modeling and Rigging: Antonio Bonora & Vincenzo D'Elia

    3d Characters Animations: Lukas Homola

    3d Characters Texturing: Jarred Lunt & Deon de Lange

    Additional Graphic Art: Deon de Lange & Jarred Lunt

    Lead Programmer: Luca Vittucci

    Additional Programming: Vincenzo D'Elia

    Graphic Novel Art: Deon de Lange

    Motion Design: Luigi D'Elia

    Original Soundtrack: Andrea Pandolfo

    Musicians: Andrea Pandolfo, Pasquale Laino & Rosario Liberti

    Sound Design: Alberto Venditti

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