Someone said that “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change”

In a world in which the market continually changes and rapidly re-invents itself, companies need to constantly adapt and evolve competencies of their staff in order to survive the competition

Playing the role of facilitator in such an evolution process, NHIM Serious Games© designs amusing strategies for rapid learning of soft skills in any business environment

Starting from the idea that mistakes are natural stages of the learning process, we eliminate the sense of failure intrinsic in learning new tasks by turning it into productive enjoyment

NHIM Serious Games designs deeply motivating and engaging learning tools in form of videogames, using “entertainment for non-entertainment purposes”, channelling the fun of the game in active, functional learning

At NHIM we create videogames through a dynamic combination of story, strategy and action, using technology to enhance productivity, making learning experience attractive and effective

We offer a context for a dynamic and participative learning, proposing the tools to improve performance & adaptability, to prioritise abilities, to change behaviours, to carry out technical training, to teach  collaborative problem solving, to instruct how to deal with risk-taking situations, self-direction, interactive communication, and to develop or improve planning and managing skills

Our learning tools are suitable to Government & NGO, Education, Public Policy, Healthcare, Science, Advertising, Marketing & Communication, Corporate and other industries as engaging solutions to increase productivity

At NHIM we can design specific Serious Games for specific needs

We can drive your staff towards an amusing adaptation to new market scenarios and lead your company to a fruitful evolution