To bravely face the Time

In this universe of unimaginable forms of life, during this era of Cold-Work, we'd like to suggest some "beautifying Time" tips related to Nando and some inspirations we had as background while creating his world.

The broom of the system (1987 AC)

novel by David Foster Wallace

In this gorgeous debut work, the story is set in Cleveland and the town is adjacent to an artificial desert: the Great Ohio Desert, an area filled with black sand and usually called G.O.D.. Raymind Zusats, Ohio governor, was worried because in Cleveland everything was going too much well: low unemployment & inflation, high industrial investment. In his view, this wealth was transforming the state in an immense commercial center. Brilliantly, he has this great idea to build a desert, something primordial to be loved and feared, and able to remind people that their country originates from fight of man against nature.

Epic of Gilgamesh (around 18th century BC)

one of the earliest surviving works of literature

A poem about friendship, travel and the Netherworld. It tells the story of Gilgamesh who, after the death of his friend Enkidu, begins a journey looking for immortality. During this journey, he learns that he can not become immortal, but he can find a plant that will make him young again. The epic contains narrative elements similar to the Genesis, such as the great flood which, according to some researchers, comes from memories of a natural event.

A day in the Afterlife (1994 AC)

BBC documentary about Philp K. Dick

PKD: the imaginary worlds of his stories and the strange dynamics of his life. The double, triple and multiple realities of his books, and his deep relationship with his twin sister - his parallel lost soul.

Enjoy :-)

aliens and dolphins
We're back after a few months. It would be nice to say that our silence has been caused by an alien that hypnotized us, making us believe that we were aliens too. Or we had to save a lot of dolphins and turtles to recover our souls from a sense of guilty without fault. The real truth is that Nando's World is already finished, but that alien...

*_ _ _*
(This is the transcription of the noise he does when he does not agree)

Ok, Nando's World is nearly finished but we have started another project in order to fund the language localization.
We are completely independent. Completely. But not from the money :-)

- §
That means: "proud of you, guys!"

(Thank you, Botlander Sprodder Santiagus)

This summer

On the 20th of July, I'll make a speech on our game at the No More Sweden in Malmö. Furthermore, Eleonora and I will be in Köln to make a round at the GDC, the Gamescom, and "Über Alles" to go to the beautiful party organized by

If you will be at the NMS or at the Gamescom in Köln, and you would like to talk with us about Nando's World, french esthetism, 80' cartoons, italian food, Matte Blanco's theory of the inconscious as infinite sets, or just relaxing and having a beer together, contact me at: alberto(dot)venditti(at)nhim(dot)eu.

We will be glad to meet you!

Eleonora & Alberto

Spittgard, archivist for the City of the Elderly

"The ancient maps, the real maps, were the best ones. Not like those kinds of “Information stick” we could find nowadays.

Now you can communicate with a great range of objects. With the fake post-natural fat key of the steak purchased in the subway kiosk, you can tell to the person who produced it that your electronic dog preferred to remain fasting.

Yet, it’s very little. Little, in terms of Universal History, I mean.

I work - as you all know - underground in the City of the Elderly n.38, in the Desert. The desert is an unbearable place. The City of the Elderly is static and monotonous. Living underground is depressing, above all for you: administrative managerial and strong little robots who work in such a bright skyscraper.

And yet under that incandescent ground, lilting by unsteady steps, dusty documents attest stories of the city that are carried on the shoulders of the old men of the city.

An archivist has a soul. An archivist who works with the cards has a real one, not made of paper - as I have heard from someone - but is flammable. So do not giggle, or the fire increases, I get nervous!... and an elderly and frustrated archivist has all the world’s histories on his side."

Extract from the lesson of Doctor Spittgard “Archives in the course of TIME –NON-Yo-Yo-Fe”


"Here there is Art!"

"Either you try!", my alter ego of the last show would say that.

I represent the fictitious stories that take form in this forgotten town, in the desert, in the Nonexistent.

Please, Take a ringside seat and pay close attention! Do not chat! I could stop playing at the slightest hint of disturbance. My dear I've often done that. I was hated for that. I’ve stopped entire shows and received loud boos from stupid beings! Riffraff!

Under no circumstances I never retraced my steps. I stayed in the dressing room, drinking post-natural hot chocolate and reading an useless fashion magazine - or reading that newspaper on the latest electronic animals.

Of course, the isolation of this city does not help me at all. By now I love to perform in front of the mirror even more than in front of an audience. It didn’t happened until the first adolescent crisis!

This City of the Elderly acts silently 'on everyone ... "