The Electronic Forest

The Electronic Forest was built in the Holy Empty Place Desert 78C in order to allow cities in its proximity to have a mythical and picturesque location along the border, but mainly it was built as a park to visit. The Great Administration of the country intended to make money using the natural charm of forests, for as they once were.

Doctor Lewis Be Lewis, a man full of Hamletic resolved contradictions, was the artistic director of the grand opera, commissioned by the President of Electronic Infrastructure Endowed of Its Own Life.

As soon as open many parents brought their children in the Electronic Forest n 1.

Over time people began to forget the beauty of natural forests of the past. And always less people were curious to see this masterful scenic reproduction.

So the forest began to grow wild, in an electronic manner, and its inhabitants became increasingly misanthropic and suspicious against visitors, which continued to decrease.

By then, the cameras situated in all the trees didn't reported more than ten visitors per year. The definition of year has varied since the 99% of the population uses the Yo-Yo-Fe: a year is equivalent to eight solar years of yore.

Ivan Stroboiev Kokorando describes as follow the Electronic Forest n.1.

“Having as aesthetic model natural forests, but leaving obvious its electricity, and even joining separated natural worlds, it was thought to put creatively together what was different in nature, building a scenic opera capable to impress millions of viewers.

In the Electronic Forest No.1 were built the firsts air fishes. These didnt' exist before and the fishes were only at sea.

All this truly shows that Nature can never be reconstructed in its original harmony. The esthetic, functional and relationship level between different living beings, after modification, never come back to the original perfection.”

Ivan Stroboiev Kokorando is an intellectual who lives in a tiny bunker in the center of the Earth, and nobody knows where he is. Every week he sends his view of the world and human affairs through a camera that makes untraceable its signals, and that is precisely on his desk of aloe. His words come to all people who have installed the "Still Think" software in their electronic working memory, it is estimated that they are approximately 25 million.

The Ghost Town

The remains of the Ghost Town are the oldest still left on Earth. This city dates back to the large Fordist factories, it was abandoned when they closed. Today, nobody lives there anymore, and even the city name is not pronounced, also cleared from schools' atlases on which children study. Professor Tildburg Ammiordo has recently established a study group who aims to rediscover the value of antiques, what remains of distant past times.

Professor Tildburg, ex-stripper and transvestite of nightclubs, is one of the few who began using the Yo-Yo-Fe only at 58 years, and this in order to pursue his cultural mission (at least according to his statement). He's also famous for his appeal of professor of yore and for the habit of wearing electronic copies of the clothes in vogue in the courts of 1600, including the white curly wig.

According to the Professor the Ghost Town is: “elation of poetry of the lost”.

Believe me I was there … it's fascinating and you can easily lose yourself if you don't pay attention to the echoes of past times, the precariousness of those unusual spaces, firm and absolute.


  1. Eleonora (Author)

    Thank you so much Londy! It’s a really pleasure!
    Stay tuned for news and demos!


  2. Loving The ideas, Art & Everything can’t wait to see this game in production,really nice stuff guys!

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