Cactus breeders in 78c Holy Empty Place’s Desert

Kaja: What can I say, madam? Just know my son took it and he’s always thirty! Dont’ know what it's like, but next year, because of my age, I should go to stay in the City of Elders.

Darvin: I ain’t goin' there!

Kaja: If you don't take that pill, you have to, Darvin! I’ve seen some pics in a brochure, of that city. It looks nice. You don't even work there, while there’s so much to do! I mean, today you must work to work… you know, now there’s lots of big firms that make Electronic cactuses, and the ones they make don't even prick! They’re phosphorescent, violet, blue… we just make them green, like it should be. Thank goodness for us they still use our cactuses for some panoramic areas. However, like I was saying, now I’m seventy-two but they notified me just three months ago! Why had they forgotten me? Maybe ‘cause I live in this desert place, between the mountains and ghost town. But they gave me a year to decide what to do because they’re late. Well, if I could choose, I’d go back. The fact that they’ve forgotten me makes me angry! I drove that boy out last year!

Darvin: Yeah, she drove him out!

Kaja: I said to him I don't want others do my own business! But now I wouldn't drive him out at all.

Darvin: I don't care ‘bout this things. I aint’ gonna take that stuff, cause I don't trust it. Do what you want Kaja, but I want to grow older like the electronic flowers we make that wither in autumn.

Kaja: Then don't complain about your aches to me anymore! You pest me continously!

Kaja and Darvin, 72 and 74 Natural Years old, Warming Electronic Cactus & Seasonal Flower breeders of El. Cactus Olè. Interviewed and report written for “Everyday stories at Yo Yo Fe’s Time”, by Tagaìra Fost.

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