“Yo-Yo-Fe, all in all, it's just a little pink pill. Yep, a little pink pill you have to take every four years. Four years of yore, not the YyF’s ones (1 YyF Year = 8 Natural Years). Yep, sounds like a paradox: to go ahead with the Yo-Yo-Fe you must remember your real age. When it appeared in the shops for the first time, noone realized what kind of changes this little pill would have led in culture and society.

I mean, you know what happens if you dont'take it at the right time? If you eventually are busy in the critic moment – a work meeting, a family celebration, or just at home, alone, without nothing to do, and simply forgot it – you become four years older in few minutes.

Once I saw this terrible outcome. My uncle Sadrey has always forgotten everything. It happened to him. He has grown from forty to fortyfour years old in five minutes, the day after Christmas. “The holidays tired you, uncle?” my brother told – he is always ready to kidding, which is twentytwo since twelve years!

I still don’t know whether to take it or not, my natural age is twentyeight and I know that when I will be fourty there will be the first notification. A fuchsia-dressed guy, with a fitting suit, will come to my house. He will be approximately eighteen years old – continuous ones – and he'll ask me what I'm going to do in the next five years (if it's my intention or nott to take that microscopic pink timestopper).

They start to inquire, you know, to understand who you are, the way you are and what they have to do with you, one day. I still don’t know how I will answer.

Sorry for the digression. I can't help with them; and besides I’ve always liked mazes.

What I'm trying to say is there's no way you can know for sure whether Yo-Yo-Fe really allows you to change, to grow again, at the brain and psychological level, or if it freezes you. All the most famous specialists will ensure that there aren’t problems, life and the environment will always change you. But look at my brother Mike, sometimes he seems even to be turned back.”

Roy Jamais – oboe musician, 28 natural years old.
Interview for the reportage “Daily stories at Yo-Yo-Fe’s time” by Tagaira Fost

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